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IT Asset Disposal

Agile offers a complete IT asset disposal (ITAD) service that helps you reduce risk and maximise your return. Our ITAD services include asset buy-back, decommissioning, data erasure, and compliant e‑recycling.

IT Asset Disposal

Reduce risk and maximise your return.

Buy Back

Buy Back

Unlike most other ITAD suppliers we understand the true value of your hardware and can offset your ITAD costs with a realistic buy-back price.



Agility have years of experience in de-installation and hardware disposal. Whether it’s a single rack or a complete data centre our team will work with you to provide a professional, risk free solution.



As part of our ITAD service we provide a full audit of all assets and supply a report detailing the model, serial number and hard drives installed.


Data Erasure/Destruction

Agile uses data erasure software Blancco Drive Eraser to ensure the secure removal of your data. On completion a certificate of Data Erasure for each asset will be supplied. This certificate provides you with a diagnostic listing, by serial number, of the asset and the unique serial number of each hard drive erased. Our software erases to NIST800-88 standard (when applicable) which is compliant to national government and military standards. Any drives that are not able to be data wiped will have their platters drilled and then crushed. The above process can be supplied on-site or a tour secure facility.


E-compliant Recycling

All IT equipment that Agile receives is either reused or recycled through onsite dismantling. Dismantling ensures that components of e-waste such as PCB’s, plastics, batteries and metals can be reused rather than becoming landfill.

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