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Services Overview

AgileData Services provide a range of IT services that save our customers time and money.

Services Overview

In today’s rapidly changing world the vendors update their products more frequently which often leaves the user with a Data Centre full of end of life hardware, even though it may only be two years old. When they need more capacity, the vendor is often unable, or unwilling, to provide upgrades preferring to refresh. This often results in the vendor lining their pockets whilst the customer takes a considerable asset write off.

We are focused on what is best for the customer, not what is best for the vendor. We can sell or rent, new and refurbished end of life hardware, purchase your surplus equipment and provide on-site multi-vendor hardware support for your entire IT infrastructure.

Hardware Supply


We are experts in sourcing new and refurbished hardware solutions for your data centre infrastructure.

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IT Asset Disposal

IT Asset

Agile offers a complete IT asset disposal (ITAD) service that helps you reduce risk and maximise your return.

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Short Term Rentals

Short Term

Agile provide the most flexible, cost effective rental solutions in the industry.

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Multi-Vendor Support

Multi-Vendor Hardware Support

Agile provides a range of hardware support services that can save between 40% & 70%.

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