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Special Offer
Save up to 70%*

Save up to 70% off your current “vendor” support package.

Receive the first month for FREE…
when you purchase a 12-month support contract with Agile/Evernex.

* Terms of Offer.

• This offer is available to new and existing Agile customers for assets not previously supported by Agile/Evernex i.e. Renewals.
• A minimum term of 12 months applies.

What We Offer…

Not only can we save you up to 70% off your current “vendor” support , but we will also give you the first month for FREE, when you purchase a 12-month support contract with Agile/Evernex.

Agile Data Services

Multiple SLA options.

Multiple SLA options available from just spare parts provisioning through to 24 x 7 x 4hr Onsite engineering support.

Try Before Buy

Hardware platform support.

Most hardware platforms can be supported including, HPE, Cisco, IBM, Netapp, EMC, Oracle Sun, to name a few.

Agile Data Services

Maximum flexibility.

Maximum flexibility to add or remove assets midterm, or cancel your arrangement completely, with just 30 days’ notice.

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you can email your hardware asset list to
…detail the equipment Manufacturer, Model/Type and location
and we will revert back with a formal quote within 24 hours.

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