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EOSL (End of Life Support)

March 14, 2022

Have you got hardware that has gone, or is going, EOSL?

“End of Support Life”, or EOSL, is the term used by OEM Vendors when they discontinue support on hardware that is usually 8+ years old. Most large corporate IT environments have a percentage of EOSL hardware and, if this equipment is still running production systems, having no support can be a huge risk. A major part of Agile’s business is providing Third Party, Multi-Vendor hardware support when the OEM’s are no longer willing or able to provide it or they are charging a premium for the service. Quite simply, they are far more motivated to sell you new hardware than they are to support your legacy systems. Agile have a range of Multi-Vendor hardware support services that will help you navigate these transitions in a cost effective, low risk manner.

Obviously the OEM’s regularly announce what products are going EOSL but here are some products that have gone EOSL in the last 12 months that we are already geared up and ready to support in ANZ.

HPE                    Nimble Storage Models CS210 through to CS700, Proliant Servers (up to and including Gen 8),
                           Integrity Servers (up to and including i2).

DELL/EMC         Symmetrix VMAX (model dependant), VNX5100 to 7500

IBM                    BladeCentre, HS21, HS22V, HS23E, HX5, Flex System x220 to x440 Node, XSeries Servers
                         (most models), Power Servers through to P8 (most models), TS3500 Libraries and Drives,
                          V5000 and V7000 Storage.

Netapp              FAS2xxx to FAS6xxx (all models).

Sun/Oracle        All Sunfire and SPARC Servers through to T7.

Veritas               NetBackup 5230 Appliances.

The above are just a popular selection of the hardware we are supporting but there is a lot more.

Please contact me directly for a quote.

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EOSL (End of Life Support)EOSL (End of Life Support)EOSL (End of Life Support)Download PDF (157kb)Read ArticleMulti-Vendor Hardware SupportContact UsRequest a Quote
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EOSL (End of Life Support)

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