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Third Party Maintenance is paving the way

June 29, 2022

We are continuing to have great success providing onsite hardware support solutions for our customers.

In partnership with Evernex, we are offering a range of Third Party Maintenance (TPM) solutions that are enabling our customers to not only save over 50%, when compared to vendor support, but it also allows them to keep support on hardware that has gone End of Support Life (EOSL) and is no longer supportable by the OEM.

With all of the delays being experienced, with the vendors being unable to deliver new hardware in reasonable time frames, we are seeing more and more customers needing a short term flexible solution to provide support on their existing hardware, whilst they are waiting on the new hardware to arrive or for the old platform to be transitioned to the Cloud. In these scenarios Agile/Evernex have the perfect remedy that includes;

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Third Party Maintenance is paving the wayThird Party Maintenance is paving the wayThird Party Maintenance is paving the wayDownload PDF (157kb)Read ArticleMulti-Vendor Hardware SupportContact UsRequest a Quote
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